What's New at OMfield?

Updated July 19, 2017


Fundraising has begun for our 2017 sustainable building projects, as we continue to evolve and share alternative ways to inspire, live, and heal. This leads us into our next big fundraiser: the massively popular solar eclipse over central Oregon 8/21.

Can you say...

PRE-BURN SOLAR ECLIPSE PARTY!! Space is limited so get your reservation made asap. Plenty of glamping, food, drink, music, fun and more! Call or text 5413377555 for dates, availability, or more questions 🌎


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"Sharing Their Sustainable Living Dream", local Prineville newspaper article.

View the slide show below for updated photos of community cohesion:

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OMfield’s Mission:

We exist to provide the rare, yet vital service of demonstrating alternative lifestyle modalities.  It is estimated that if everyone on the planet (7+ billion) consumed products at the same rate as the United States (300+ million), then we would need 6-7 more planet Earths.  Knowing that this is an impossibility, our intention is to share alternative information, material resources, and progressive education in sustainable building structures, off-grid clean electricity, water harvesting and storage, complimentary economies, alternative healing methods, wilderness therapy, and organic food growing – all free of charge!

Our heart felt thanks to all who have participated in
and contributed to OMfield in support of
a healthier community and planet!

Offering sustainable, local solutions to modern global challenges
by providing an oasis of alternative experience.